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February 20, 2014:
President Obama drops chained CPI from 2015 budget, but it could come up in the budget again"grand bargain" talks. With debt ceiling issues, government shutdown threats, and Obamacare debates, chained CPI will be sneaked in further to help balance the books.Chained CPI proposal seen as part of deal to avert fiscal cliff.


Cost of Living Allowance:

A chained CPI calculation would decrease the anticipated COLA adjustments for inflation, since it takes other factors into account. Cost of Living Adjustments, which were once taken for granted, have slowed over the past few years.

What is a Chained CPI? How Does It Affect Social Security?

Definition of modified consumer price index proposal.

Chained CPIThe use of a chained CPI to determine increases (or decreases) in Social Security benefits appears to be on the table as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations for 2012 and 2013. While the normal consumer price index deals with the rise and fall in fixed items, a "chained CPI" would also address the choices that people may make as a result of facts on the ground. For example, higher prices for one kind of vegetable may make people seek out a lower priced substitute. When it comes to calculating costs for multibillion dollar programs like Social Security, a chained CPI could mean that benefit increases do not rise as quickly over time. Benefits, payments, and pensions that are adjusted with CPI calculations could all fare differently under chained CPI rules, and are expected to result in hundreds of billions of dollars in savings over time. When it comes to deficit negotiations, chained consumer price index calculations can create savings on paper, as well as deficit reduction, in ways that both the President and Congress could claim as victories for each side. For the average beneficiary, the change woud reduce benefits by one hundred and thirty dollars per year, but over a 30 year period there would be a 9 percent reduction compared to current benefits. As a measurement of inflation, chained CPI may be more accurate, but it is sure to make waves among recipients who live on very fixed incomes and who may regard $130 as a lot of money.

Whether the consumer price index or any other way of calculating Social Security and disability benefits is used, it is generally agreed that there should be some kind of waste and fraud reduction in government entitlement programs. Administration eats up way too much money that should be going to beneficiaries, and government employees end up getting better perks and retirement options than the very people that they serve, and this seems a bit unfair in the whole analysis.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: In any negotiation, there are generally multiple proposals for entitlement programs, but a chained CPI may also be seen as an accounting trick or a way to cut increases in long term Social Security benefits.